The simplest, most effective Mobile Campaigns

Mobile is the #1 way device people use throughout their're probably on one right now.


Consumers simply can not put their phones down. Brands must find new and innovative ways to grab consumers attention. 


Reaching consumers on Mobile is crucial if your brand wants to engage, motivate and drive sales!


Introducing Mobile AdMessenger.


Our scrolling AdMessenger delivers engaging brand messaging Ads in text format. Implementation is as easy as 1, 2, 3....what are you waiting for?

About Mobile AdMessenger:

Mobile devices offer a proven way for local advertisers to use Geo-location targeting methods. Over the past 4 years, we have developed a technology engine that has unique understanding and data on how to effectively deliver ad messaging to local audiences.

AdMessenger is an effective way to reach consumers:

Your Ad is an attention grabbing 'scrolling text message', with your Brands Logo. It delivers a concise message to your audience. 160 Characters of text (a la Twitter) provides brands the text space to speak to their audience and drive Action.


The AdMessenger platform delivered its first Ad Message in October 2013. Since then, we have powered more than 5 Billion location relevant ads worldwide.


AdMessenger is a proven solution (CTR 2x above industry) for local and national advertisers to effectively engage with consumers on their mobile devices and drive traffic to their events, stores and services.


Our proprietary algorithms, processes, distribution, ad formats and attribution methods make us the market leader in mobile ad messaging.

The platforms continues to evolve. We recently partnered with GroundTruth to activate AdMessenger Attribution, showcasing our commitment to adding even more technology and sophisticated tracking into our platform to achieve the most quantifiable results for you!

With AdMessenger Attribution, we now provide reports showing you the # of customers we drove to your physical location who have seen the AdMessenger scrolling text message on mobile.

To discuss custom mobile AdMessenger campaigns that drive customers in-store, to your web, social pages or e-comm retail, please contact us below or call 646-389-4409.

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