We create smart, strategic digital advertising campaigns that let you Own Your Market

Making It Easy For You

Media Strategy & Planning

  • Find and discover the audiences most relevant to your products and services


Media Buying

  • Advertise your brand on high quality content you can trust


Campaign Management & Optimization

  • Deliver high-impact creatives and formats across screens



  • Our team can create your ads, brand messaging, editorial content and video's logos into engaging and actionable real-time results


Reporting and Insights

  • Get actionable insights to help drive real-time results

Media is your Competitive Edge

WooHoo accesses premium inventory that delivers consumers that are interested in your products.          

We deliver the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

WooHoo's advanced technologies, big-data audience sources and premium inventory provides your business access to the same technologies utilized by advertisers like CT Lottery, BestBuy, Ford, L'Oreal, Gatorade, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Grey Goose, FitBit, Crest and Bounty. 

We provide you the ability to take advantage of the most efficient and effective media available.  Reach your audience on national publications, local community content, and social media:

  • Food Network, Oprah Winfrey Network, Hollywood Reporter

  • AOL Autos, Autotrader, Road & Track, DriveTribe

  • ESPN, Buzzfeed, TIME, Forbes, VICE

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest

  • CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX News, Tribune, Journal Sentinel

  • All local Radio stations + Pandora and Spotify

You'll Own Your Market and have a competitive advantage over your competitors.​

Targeting Solutions

Digital allows you to target precise audiences; making the biggest impact on your business.


The options for Local Businesses had previously been local newspapers, yellow pages, community magazines, coupon clippers, outdated Town Planner Calendars and Diner Mats.  Those options are still being sold but they offer little value compared to today's new digital platforms.  


Our Digital options allow you to select your audience based on the A, B, C's of targeting:



  • Target by age, gender, interest, occupation, habits


  • Target audiences that show a "behavior" that fits your brand


  • Target your audience when they are engaged in specific content that is relevant to your brand:

    • Sports, News, Travel, Health, Weather, Home & Improvement, Music, Entertainment, Literature, Recipes, Cooking, Fashion & Beauty, Automobiles, DIY, Gardening, Hiking, Excercise and the list goes on 

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